Photographer Terrence Jones first launched his career in New Jersey and New York region and is now based in Raleigh, NC.

As a shy kid with dyslexia, he found photography as a way to meet people. He realized how much he loved the craft and as a computer science major, he enrolled in photography courses and steered away from an analytical path to a creative one. Terrence transitioned to digital photography upon moving to North Carolina, and his career has since taken off. 

He stays active in continuing his photography education and regularly attends conferences and training workshops to hone his skills.

With such a diverse and continuously growing portfolio, his expertise and experience truly make him a photographer of all trades. His work consists of various personal and commissioned assignments with a specialization in Portrait, Fashion, and Food photography.

His editorial work has been published in various local and national magazines. He spent 10 years as the lead photographer / creative director of a local magazine. There he honed his craft, producing portrait and fashion spreads under tight deadlines each month. Terrence has also developed content for websites and advertisement content for businesses.

When he’s not behind the camera, Terrence enjoys the adventure of mountain biking in the hills around North Carolina.

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