Personal Branding Investment

Most of our Session are on location, but a studio is available by request. This will  to give you exactly what you need. Our sessions range in size so whether you are new to the business and just need a simple headshot or you’re looking for a variety of new looks, we’re here for you. 

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To begin our journey,

  • I will send you a questionnaire that will help me learn about your personal and/or business needs in-depth.
  •  After, we will hop on a planning call to discuss everything from shoot day, outfits, locations, and get a customized shot list.
  • We'll schedule the session 

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Bronze Package

Starting @ $375

 For different Social Media Accounts,

Basic Real Estate Headshots.

  • Consultation
  • Up to 60 minutes
  • Studio look or Local Area
  • 2 looks
  • Hair and Makeup Referrals
  • 5 High-End Retouched Images
  • Unlimited Printing usage rights up to an 8x12
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee

***This price does not include Production Cost***

Silver Package

Starting @ $500

The Best Choice:

For: Model Portfolio, Realtors, Pageant Headshots, Personal Portrait, 

  •  Consultation
  • Individual photoshoot
  • Up to 3-4 looks
  • UP to 90 minutes
  • 1 Local Location
  • 8 High-End Retouched images
  • Travel with in 10miles of Downtown Raleigh
  • Hair and Makeup Referrals
  • Unlimited Printing usage rights up to an 8x12
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Add add additional Person $150

***This price does not include Production Cost***

Diamond Package 

Starting @ $950

Great for:Business Branding, Small Clothing line updates, or Entertainment Press Kits.  More than enough images for social media posts and website content. 

  •  Consultation
  • Branding Photoshoot
  • up to  3hrs
  • 1 Local Location
  • Up to 5 Looks
  • 1-2ppl
  • 15 High-End Naturally Retouched images
  • Hair and Makeup Referrals
  • Travel with in 25miles of Downtown Raleigh
  • Unlimited print usage rights up to 8x12
  • No hidden fees
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Add additional person $150 each

***This price does not include Production Cost***

Ask About Custom Packages

Production Costs:

Production costs refer to the expenses associated with organizing and executing a successful photo shoot. These costs cover a range of items and services required to create stunning images. They can vary widely depending on the scope and scale of the project. 

  • Permits and Licensing (required by some locations)
  • Props and Set Design
  • Wardrobe and Styling
  • Hair and Makeup

  • Models and Talent (they need to be hired)
  • Assistants and Crew (if help is needed on set)
  • Equipment Rentals (a special equipment is needed)
  • Transportation 
  • Post-Production (compositing, person or background removal)
  • Insurance (some locations require liability insurance)
  • Meals and Refreshments (for long shoots)

Basic : Quick and Simple $250

  • Headshots Only
  • Up to 20 minutes
  • Local Area
  • 1 look / Outfit
  • 2  High-End Naturally Retouched image
  • Unlimited usage rights up to 8x12
  • No hidden fees
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee

Custom Retouching

  • 1  extra image                             $35
  • 4 extra images                          $120
  • 10 extra  images                         $300

High-End Naturally Retouched Images are Print size images  and includes facial retouching.

*Social Media Images are lower resolution, but crisp and sharp for the web. Includes basic retouching and does not include facial retouching. 

  • 30 Social Media images from your shoot    -  $200

Extra Flavor (with package)

  • Proofs from Session.       $350
  • Additional Location            $150
  • Extra Time                               $100hr
  • Make-up  (1 look )                 $175
  • Make-up & Hair  (1 look)   $275
  • Additional Looks                   $100
  • Add additional person        $150
  • Gym Photography                $Ask
  • Studio Photography            $Ask

Though I do have access to a studio, Studio Shoots may not be in a traditional Studio Setting, depending on the project.

 That said, please be mindful that only 1 or 2 people are allowed to be present for the shoot

Do you have make up artist referrals.

Makeup needs to be done before arriving at the session, unless otherwise discussed.. Keep in mind; headshot makeup is usually to be basic—nothing fancy or glamorous at all. The makeup should be minimal and natural-looking. 

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