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Though you are scheduling a time, be prepared for a wait.

 There are a limited number of sashes and gowns.

 If everyone comes prepared, the wait shouldn't be long.


  • If you want to wear pearls, it's good to bring them if you have them
  • If you wear a shirt with a collar, the shirt underneath the gown will show over the hood
  • A shirt with a swoop neck collar may be better if you want to wear pearls or a necklace
  • If you don't want your shirt to show under your gown or sash near your neck, it best to wear a tank top or a scoop neck shirt
  • Longer eyelashes can make eyes look closed in photographs
  • Bring a comb for your hair.


  • Collared shirts with a tie look best under your gown and hood
  • If you don't want to wear a tie, you can
  • If you wear a noncollared shirt, it would be better if it was black or a tank top. 
  • If you have a tie, please bring with your collard shirt
  • A T-shirt will show around the neck so it may be best to wear a black T-shirt if you don't want to wear a shirt and tie.


This is the sign-up for Shaw Portraits. 

Please be on the lookout for reminder and Information emails.

 If you do not see any more time slots, please get in touch with me at



Febuary 1st 2024

10am -7pm 


February 2nd 2024

10am -7pm


February 3rd, 2024


Here's a link to the final gallery do you want to check out prices and packages.

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