Jason and the Shadows

 It was Sunny out, but the temperature did not rise in the time of our shoot. Jayson is a former semi-pro football player and was willing to tough out the cold, but there was no need. There was a perfectly good location inside Raleigh Union Station.

 I’ve been photographing fitness for a while. I love the natural movement of the human body. With my understanding of fashion photography, the clothing had to go with the situation.

 With these images of Jayson, I was exploring how he moves as I played with shadows on the walls. He wasn’t going full power, mostly 1/2 power, with a little exaggeration to emphasize the movement.
I chose this location at this particular time because of how the shadow hits the wall. I wanted a simple contrast between the athlete and the textured wall behind him. If I had come at any other time, the wall would not be what I envisioned.

Started the retouching process with Capture 1 Pro. Fine toned in Adobe Photoshop and finished in one of my favorite programs Exposure X5.

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