Stephanie, TaeKwondo Girl

While visiting Dorothea Dix Park thinking of my next fitness photo shoot, and I saw a girl flying through the air.

 Awed, I said to myself, “Oh…THAT’S A THING!?”.

I stopped and asked her if I could take her photograph. She agreed and held the pose in the air while I went to get my camera. I set up 3 Interfit S1’s. I set the backlights with grids on them, the front was angled 45 degrees down with hard light, no grid. I set high-speed sync on all of them. 

I used my Canon 5D Mark III and a 50mm Sigma Arts lens while she was in the air. When she landed, to do did some TaeKwondo poses and TaeKwondo high kicks, I used the canon 70-200mm 2.8 L  at f/3.2 since I don’t like shooting at f/2.8.

Her sister and cousin were there and caught some fantastic slow-mo video of her taking off. LINK

After some conversation, I learned that her family are all into TaeKwonDo and are world traveling acrobats. They travel the world doing performances as a family. 

The stills came out better than I expected. 

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