Types of Fitness Photography

There are many different techniques in fitness:

  • Cardiovascular training
  • Strength training
  • Flexibility training
  • High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)
  • Functional Training
  • Balance training
  • Core training
  • etc…….

  • How about Fitness Photography?!

    Well, as a fitness photographers, we have to:

  • Understand your client / subject / theme ( a mood board works) —Pinterest
  • Help Decide on an appropriate location
  • Decide on a shot list
  • Discuss wardrobe
  • Execute with proper lighting (Our Main job)
  • Have a fckng ball photographing Fitness!

  • Let’s break fitness photography up into four  basic categories:

     - Fitness Action Photos:

    These types of fitness photography focus on capturing athletes or fitness enthusiasts in motion, performing exercises, or engaging in sports. This could include weightlifting, running, gymnastics, tae kwon do, cycling, Break dancing, and more. The goal of action shots is to showcase the athleticism and physical capabilities of the individual or group and to convey a sense of movement and energy. This type of photography often requires a fast shutter speed and a good understanding of the sport or activity.

     - Fitness Portrait Photos:

    Portrait shots in fitness photography focus on capturing individuals or groups in still, posed shots, often wearing athletic clothing or gear. These shots may be used for personal or professional use. This type of photography usually requires attention to lighting and composition and the ability to connect with and direct the subject. The goal of portrait shots is to showcase the individual’s physical appearance and personality.

     - Fitness Lifestyle Photos:

    Lifestyle shots in fitness photography focus on capturing individuals or groups in candid, natural settings, often engaged in everyday activities such as hiking or playing with friends. These shots are intended to convey a sense of wellness and balance and to show that fitness can be integrated into daily life. This type of photography often requires a candid and unobtrusive approach. 

     - Fitness Product / Commercial Fitness Photos:

    Fitness Product Photography or Commercial Fitness Photography focus on capturing images of fitness equipment, supplements, or apparel for advertising or product catalogs. These shots aim to showcase the product attractively and desirably, highlighting its features and benefits. This type of photography may require studio lighting and equipment, as well as an understanding of composition and product styling.

    Most fitness photography images can be put into more than one of these categories, depending on how they are used. Don’t count out other fitness genres that also use photography, such as Ballet, classical and ballroom dance, aerobics, yoga, fitness pole dancing, CrossFit, Soccer, football, baseball, basketball, and all high school and collegiate sports. The photographer just needs to know about some lighting techniques and how to freeze action.

    Contact a fitness photographer such as Terrence Jones Photography and see how they can help with your fitness photography needs.

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