Yoga Pieces

Leah M. Ward is a local Yogi. Yes, she is a Gym owner, Business Coach, Life Coach, and brand ambassador for yoga clothing, but she is still a cool local Yogi.

 There is no fancy funShua reasoning behind this shoot; I just wanted to photograph her creating shapes with her body in her MoonChild yoga clothing. I tried to use a simple textured backdrop, so I used one of my favorite locations in Raleigh. There they have a cement wall and floor, which should make her clothing pop. I asked her to wear two colors, a claiming teal-like color, and a smoky, fiery reddish color.

The goal was to shoot the shapes within the shapes and create new forms with the angles and cropping. At least that’s what I was thinking in my head.

I wanted calming poses with the teal and dynamic poses with the red. That kinda didn’t happen as the shoot went on. I always leave room in my planning for spontaneity, and we just got creative with it. I gave directions most of the time. Sometimes Leah would pose, and I reacted. 

In the final edit, I got crazy angles and played with compositions. I also got some pieces of the pose I was looking for    

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