Jason and the Shadows

 It was Sunny out, but the temperature did not rise in the time of our shoot. Jayson is a former semi-pro football player and was willing to tough out the cold, but there was no need. There was a perfectly good location inside Raleigh Union Station.

 I’ve been photographing fitness for a while. I love the natural movement of the human body. With my understanding of fashion photography, the clothing had to go with the situation.

 With these images of Jayson, I was exploring how he moves as I played with shadows on the walls. He wasn’t going full power, mostly 1/2 power, with a little exaggeration to emphasize the movement.
I chose this location at this particular time because of how the shadow hits the wall. I wanted a simple contrast between the athlete and the textured wall behind him. If I had come at any other time, the wall would not be what I envisioned.

Started the retouching process with Capture 1 Pro. Fine toned in Adobe Photoshop and finished in one of my favorite programs Exposure X5.

Winter in June

                     I wanted to photograph Winter-Marie for her Yoga thing. My idea was to go down to the New Raleigh Train Station. Winter is a Yoga Instructor and owner of Barre-Up Raleigh. I knew she had a fair understanding of yoga poses and, knowing her, she would make sure the poses were done correctly. 

                     While discussing outfits, I knew a color like blue, red, or bright solid color would work best in that location. Red was the perfect choice to separate her from the background. It was the ideal time of the day. I only used natural light coming in from a big window. 

                       Winter delivered a variety of poses, and since I was tethering to Capture 1 Pro, she could see the images so to make adjustments to her poses.

Smoke Bomb Beauty

It’s nothing new to use smoke bombs in photography, but I thought I’d give it a shot. I went to Savannah in early April, and on my way back I picked up about $100 worth of different colored smoke bombs from one of the many fireworks places along the route. I had ideas about using the smoke bombs for a project involving my fraternity, but I wanted to try them out ahead of that project. I’ve seen a lot of smoke bombs online that produce a lot of smoke for 20 to 30 seconds, but I felt they were too expensive for this project. (Note: These cheaper smoke bombs didn’t always work as well.)

Jessica and I went out to Dorothea Dix Park in Raleigh North Carolina behind one of the abandoned buildings. I found a deserted alley, and  I tried the smoke bomb on the ground with her walking through it. The smoke bombs were producing as I had hoped, but then I went in close. Jessica has some interesting freckles, good skin, and a pretty, symmetrical face. The fact that she has natural hair was a plus for me.

I started off using natural light to see what that would produce; then I decided to get one of my Interfit S1’s and try some high-speed sync. I wanted a little pop in the face without disrupting the color of the smoke. It worked. I wasn’t expecting to come out with a beauty shot, but I did not know what to expect, The red, pink and yellow bombs photographed the best. I’m glad I practiced with these before using them on the intended project. 

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